I am Ifiyenia Kamperi (aka Ifiyeniak), a greek artist and illustrator. I studied graphic design in Athens and painting at Edinburgh College of Art. In 2016 I participated in Pictoplasma Academy, a masterclass for professional character designers in Berlin. 
My work focuses on illustration and character design and I enjoy experimenting with different materials, techniques and ideas. I draw inspiration from cats, dogs, humans and other life banalities. I have participated in exhibitions and taught art to children. For a few years, I created crafts and dolls under the name Birds On Lemons. I am a member of the Association of Illustrators(AOI).


2017// Pictoplasma Academy All Stars / character design group show / Urban Spree / Berlin
2014// group show inspired by the work of D. Savopoulos / Zoumpoulaki gallery / Athens
2014// group show / Pontoporos gallery / Paros
2011// painting group show / Pontoporos gallery / Paros
2010// Stories from before & after / painting / Diavasi / Athens
2009// painting group show / Amimoni / Ioannina
2008// The Great Escape / painting group show / Galleria Studio 44 / Genova
2008// The Longest Path / painting / Giomisti Kefali / Sifnos
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