In its fourth year, the annual masterclass for character design and art brought together 24 postgraduates from 18 countries. Challenged by renowned illustrators, artists, animation filmmakers, and sculptors, participants explored and developed their personal, character-driven projects.The Academy All-Stars group show presents their diverse talents and features sculptures, paintings, drawings, interactive installations, and a multitude of new character worlds.
 picture 6 & 8 by Larissa Honsek / picture 7 by Camilo Vanegas
Ellie: a girl with B-I-G hair
a pictoplasma project
Who is Ellie: Ellie is the kind of girl who will stay at home, read her book, draw and think of her own fantastic stories, go through imaginary adventures, complain about her hair
She sais: I hate my hair!!!
Character synopsis: Ellie lives in a middle-class house sometime in the late 20th century. She is a teenage girl (13 years old) having a hard time with her appearance because she hates her hair which is very curly and huge. While most of the girls at school are into boys and clothes, Ellie likes to live imaginary adventures. She reads a lot of fantasy books and comics, then she makes her own stories about fantastic lands and magic creatures. One day, after coming back from school very upset (because her friends made fun of her hair) she draws a map of an unknown magic land. In a mysterious way, she enters this land where she has an amazing adventure with the company of a skeleton man and her… magic hair. In this new world, the hair turns alive, it speaks, it moves, it is a lot of fun and it can even make her fly! By the end of her journey the Hair becomes her best friend, so she learns to appreciate her special appearance and she realises that what she thought was her disadvantage turned to be her biggest advantage.
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